Handy Information


Driving on St Helena is quite easy, but as always care should be taken.  Driving on the left and side is the driving side, and the general rule of the roads is giving way to the vehicle coming uphill.

Speed limits are shown in MPH on signs around the islands road sides.  Petrol and diesel fuels can be bought from stations located in Jamestown, Half Tree Hollow and Longwood.

Currency & Banking

Banking on St Helena is done via the local bank; “Bank of St Helena” and currency used on the island is the St Helena Pound (SHP).  UK Pound (sterling) is accepted and can be exchanged at some shops or the bank.

Debit and Credit cards are not used in the local shops and businesses but can be used at the bank and there might be a charge for doing so.  More information can be found here on their website – Bank Of St Helena.


Communication to the outside world is important to visitors when coming to the island.  SURE SA LTD are our communications provider on island.  Various broadband packages are provided if needed and details can be found here.  Packages range from “Lite” to “Gold +” and are based on allowances.  Charges are applied on a “Per Megabyte” basis once the package has been exceeded.

Mobile Phones

Majority of modern handsets are compatible with the SURE network but confirmation can be made by contacting them before arrival or visiting their website.   Various contract packages are available for long term customers but short term customers can buy a “Pay as you Go” sim card from the customer services center or other outlets.

Payphone boxes are around the island and only take St Helena pound currency.

Majority of iPhones & Samsung devices currently work on the island with the network.

General Views of the island of St Helena

If your looking for great views of the island to convince you even more to visit the island then look no further than St Helena Phantom View.

Run and maintained by Craig, Son of Steve Williams – Bringing the islands spectacular views to the rest of the world.

Have a look and see if you like what you see.