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Williams’s estate self-catering accommodation was established in 2008, when the co-founders decided that something had to be done to secure their future and the future of their kids and further generations. 

We provide affordable accommodation to visitors and a place to stay where you can enjoy the island.

Williams Estate will take care of your requirements.

The Estate comprises of 8 semi-detached buildings, giving us 8 bungalows to offer you.

Six of which are 2 bedroom, and the remain two are 3 bedroom.  Each bedroom can cater for either family or single our couple occupancy, just let us know how many of you are coming and we will take care of the rest.

Steve Williams - Founder/Owner


Steve was the is the found behind Williams Estate, he had a vision that one day he would be retired from constructing customers homes on St Helena, so he decided that he would like to be relaxed but still some sort of way be involved in building and carpentry.

That is when self catering accommodation came to mind.

Steve’s day to day routine is looking after the maintenance works at the estate, and making sure the customers have what they need in terms of everything is in working order. – So you won’t be waiting until the next business day for something to be repaired or installed by a contractor, Steve does it all.

Meet Debbie Williams

Debbie, is the co-founder along with her husband Steve, and together run the Williams Estate accommodation.

Debbie’s, day to day involvement in the business is collecting visitors that stay at the estate from the wharf if arriving by ship or from the Airport.

She also arranges the welcome/starter pack that will be waiting on the kitchen table for you.

Another small service that she offers to customers at Williams’s estate is cleaning services.  If you are out for a long day, she will have your kitchen and house cleaned for you, if required.  What more can you ask for from landlords at you accommodation.


Meet Craig Williams

Craig is one of two sons of Steve & Debbie, and at 27, he manages the businesses digital presence on the internet; Facebook page and website.  With an eye for technology he is always looking for ways to improve the social media presence and website performance and features.  He also assists in collecting visitors from the Airport and seaside on arrival.